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Are you looking for that special cereal flavor to create that million dollar e liquid flavoring? Our flavorings are hand crafted concentrate flavorings and produced by professional certified manufactures in the USA. We have one the largest selections of flavorings out there and offer wholesale pricing to you.
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apple junk flavored concentrate cinnamon toasties cereal flavored concentrate frosted corn flakes cereal flavored concentrate fruity hoops cereal with milk flavored concentrate honey oats cereal flavored concentrate

Apple Junk is a cinnamon apple flavored cereal.

Cinnamon toasties is a cinnamon flavor cereal.

Frosted Corn flakes are a crispy cereal with hints of sweetness.

Fruity hoops is the similar taste to famous cereal Fruit Loops.This is the version with milk.

Honey oats is a nice honey cereal flavor.
killer berry cereal flavored concentrate killer crunch cereal flavored concentrate lucky marshmallow cereal flavored concentrate

Killer Berry Cereal is a corn sweet cereal with berry hints like captain crunch berries.

Killer Crunch Cereal is similar to the famous cereal Captain Crunch.

Lucky marshmallow cereal is a delicious sweet cereal flavor with marshmallow undertones.